Borrowed My Dad’s Truck, and I Really Miss Owning a Pickup | Mon Apr 4, 2022

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This weekend, Dad let me borrow his truck, and it reminded me of how much I miss having a pickup truck. I used it to get a bunch of boxes from storage shipping container to put expensive electronic things in for packing.

2022 Ford F150 Lightning and Tesla Cybertruck (year TBD)
2022 Ford F150 Lightning and Tesla Cybertruck (year TBD)

By the way, almost every electronic thing I have I have the original box for. It could be an obsession. But, I really do believe that the best boxes to move things in when you’re moving is the original boxes from the manufacturer. It just makes sense to me.

I miss having a truck

I have my dad‘s truck from Saturday afternoon until Sunday evening, and it reminded me of how much I miss having a pick up truck. Back in early 2017, I traded my F150 for a Honda CRV. I made the swap because of fuel economy, back at the time I was driving to and from South Carolina to Mississippi once or twice per month.

But yeah, I seriously miss having a pickup truck. I will have one again someday. I’ll need the pickup truck to be hybrid electric or all-electric. There’s no way I’m going back to a gasoline only pickup truck — unless it’s a steal or sweepstakes win. As much as I want one, I don’t want to do $50+ trips to the gas station again. My 2011 F150 XLT had a V6, and it still only got 22–23 miles per gallon on the highway! Madness.

I figure I won’t start shopping seriously until year 2023 and after. Right now, the most likely candidate is a Ford F150 Lightning. Maybe in 2023, Alabama will start beefing up it’s charging station network to add places near interstate highways. Because Alabama‘s charging stations are so scarce, I can’t fathom owning an all-electric vehicle right now. My brain can’t process the idea.

Major deciding factors: fuel economy and MPGe

I will be picky about the driving range of the truck. Actually, I’ll be no more picky than I would if I were buying another car. I want a electric hybrid truck to get no less than 300 miles using both a full fuel tank and full battery charge. For an all-electric truck, I’m not interested unless it has at least a 400 mile range.

I don’t think I’m asking for a lot. The technology exists. The prices for electric vehicles are high stupid. The fuel economy and miles per gallon equivalent should match the price tags. Am I right?

Thoughts on Tesla’s Cybertruck

By the way, I’m not ruling out buying a Tesla Cybertruck. At the moment however, a truck that size needs a larger than normal garage. What I love about the Cybertruck are the range and towing capacity. For the moment, Tesla is not advertising the MSRP, but my fingers are crossed that the price is no more than $60,000.

We’ll see what happens with that. Tesla doesn’t even have an official release date on their website. So, the Cybertruck genuinely feels like more of a concept than a launch.

Toyota, you’re breaking my heart

…It would be really, really swell if Toyota — one of the earliest adopters of Hybrid vehicle technology and manufacturer of ridiculous number of vehicle models — would drop a hybrid electric or all-electric Tundra.

*According to Toyota’s website, there’s no such Tundra coming. Toyota has 4 hybrid electric and electric SUVs, however. I’m a little confused and bothered by Toyota not jumping on offering an electrified pick up truck. I feel like they could easily get my money.

Come on, Toyota, all the other kids are doing it!

* I don’t include third party speculation in my fact-checking. I believe information that comes from the source.



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Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, and Black American Dad.