Enough Today and My Portfolio Was Neglected Too Long | Fri Jan 14, 2022

I did enough today. Feel like I did the right amount of work. I definitely should’ve allocated my time in December to my portfolio.

I haven’t made a priority the building and launching of my ReactJS portfolio website. That has caught up to me.

I have to finish it next week, so I can start on my second Capstone Project for NSS. As of today, I’m not sure I’m going to build a new app for Capstone number 2. The Capstone 1 Minimum Viable Product(MVP) for my Smilestones App was so basic that I want to complete my original vision for Capstone 2.

The obvious reason to focus on the Smilestones App is that it’s already started. That’s an advantage too because I have to publish case studies, problem statements, and user research as part of my portfolio.

I have less than one month left in school, and that means I have the kids two — maybe 3 times — before NSS graduation. The kids are THE user research. I mean sure I’d like to get other people to help give me feedback and whatnot, but I don’t think it’s realistic.

The other major issue with getting my site live is that we haven’t learned any database applications outside of JSON-server. We’re talking about learning Supabase in class, but I just don’t see it happening unless it’s written into a day or two. I really want to know how to launch a website without needing GitHub Pages or Heroku.

F***ing Heroku never worked for me! Even using the instructions, line by line, Smilestones site wouldn’t work on it. I couldn’t spend any more time on it because is Front-End students still had the Cohort 51 Website to build. It looks freakin awesome by the way, and we’ve been getting a lot of compliments on it. See it here.

The good news about launching Smilestones is that I might get to work on GitHub Pages because the JSON-server part of the app does work on Heroku. Fingers crossed that works. I’d really feel like sh*t if I finished a 6-month Web Developer Bootcamp and I didn’t learn how to host a CRUD application on a domain I own — as opposed to free hosting like GitHub Pages and Heroku.

I’m enjoying the class. I’ve learned and am I’m learning so much. I’m excited, anxious, frustrated, eager, and a little bit nervous. In short, I have a lot of sh*t to do, but I’m excited about it.




Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, and Black American Dad

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Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, and Black American Dad

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