Exhausted. Productive but Exhausted | Wed Jul 14, 2021

Income streams experiments, resources, and ideas,My Web Design services company is Say More Multimedia Marketing LLC or SM3 for short. Visit saymoremultimedia.com,,Posts about my experimenting with Turo and renting out my car

Today was a full day. I received the CRV from Turo trip driver #3. Tomorrow evening, driver #4 will pick up the CRV. Yesterday and today, the CRV was booked for trips numbers 7 and 8. Turo is going very, very awesomely.

I took the CRV to get detailed then to get A/C serviced. At home, I used an odor bomb inside to get the interior scent to a nice and neutral new car smell.

I can’t exaggerate how awesome Turo is going. Naturally, if the CRV earns $1 per month, it’s still doing better than sitting in the parking lot. This is how well this experiment is going: there are 5 days in July 2021 that the CRV is not/has not been booked for a trip. That means 26/31 days the CRV is earning money.

Part 2 of the Day

Part two of the day, I spent on the MacBook for SM3 client work. I made a pair of color palettes, edited some high-quality photos, launched a pair of client website Coming Soon pages, and created a handful of email addresses.

It’s been a productive day. I’m quitting at 11 pm — one hour before my target bedtime. I’d like to brag about being diligent to a sleep schedule and whatnot, but no I’ve just reached a brain level where I’m losing track of tasks and dragging.

I’m calling it a day and watching the Loki season finale.



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Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, and Black American Dad. michaelpwright.com/hi