Free Batteries Thanks to Walmart | Wed Nov 24, 2021

This morning, I ordered a pack of 4 Duracell batteries from Walmart for a pickup order. The 4 packs were sold out, so Walmart substituted an 8 pack of Duracell batteries for the same price as the 4 pack.

That was really, really cool thing that happened today. Felt like winning a raffle ticket prize. Nothing else went as well. In fact, while I was driving home from not picking up the kids, I realized I was breathing really shallow. So, I paused and took a deep breathe then yelled. Not exhaled. I screamed like I could generate enough force to break the windshield.

It was a thorough yell. It was an unplanned, surprise scream that felt really good for 2 seconds.

I’m just so fucking angry. I don’t know what to do with it. I have to physically exert in some way though. I thought about hitting a heavy bag, but I don’t have one.

I thought about buying one and carry it to a spot near off the hiking trail. That could work. Maybe I’ll do some Black Friday shopping and buy a long heavy bag to punch and kick around.

I probably won’t leave my apartment on Black Friday though. I won’t want to be around all those people or drive in the traffic. People are cool and all, but I worry about me losing my cool with someone or a group.



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Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, and Black American Dad.