I miss the kids and writing

I miss the kids. I miss writing too.

I miss the kids. I miss writing too.

I put a weird pressure on myself about sharing my daily journal after a post got some attention and resulted in really positive feedback. It’s ironic that I would freeze up after getting attention when getting a dating is exactly what I want the blog to do.

Weird how that works: I totally want to be noticed but not be noticed.

Also, some of my automations got turned off because I was forced to let my Zapier paid subscription expire. That’s been a little discouraging. With the paid subscription, I could have one Zap (cool name for an automation) with multiple steps; free accounts can have only one step per automation.

The Zap I used started with publishing a new WordPress post. That new post was then published to Medium, shared on a Facebook Page, shared on Twitter, and shared in a LinkedIn post. The Zap had a converter step that pulled HTML out of certain parts (meta tags) of the WordPress post to prep the content to be stripped down and shared.

I haven’t tried to recreate individual Zaps with a single step each. It seems tiring, and I’d rather just renew my paid subscription. The reason I dropped the subscription is because my business — SM3, my web developer LLC where I freelance — isn’t bringing in any money. I have invoices to send to clients who owe, and I have estimates to send to clients who need things done.

I don’t want to any of it, and I’m waiting to feel like I want to do those things.



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Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, and Black American Dad. michaelpwright.com/hi