I saw an armadillo alive tonight. | Fri May 6, 2022

I just saw an armadillo looking for something on the ground of the emergency lane on a street on base. I cannot think of a moment in my life where I’ve ever seen an armadillo in person alive.

Wow what a day! The time is 11:49 PM. It’s Friday night. I’ve just finished driving from Meridian Mississippi where I realized I do not have the kids this weekend because it’s Mother’s Day weekend.

As part of the divorce agreement, mom gets Mother’s Day and dad gets Father’s Day no matter the regular visitation schedule. How could I have made such a wasteful 8 hour error? I had no idea Mother’s Day was this Sunday.

Intuitively, I know that Mother’s Day is the first or second Sunday of May, but I still hadn’t put it together that right now is May and the holiday comes in May. I don’t think that makes any sense.

I seriously, seriously miss the kids. This sucks. But I saw a living armadillo poking his face around the ground completely ignoring me and my headlights. I’ll tell the kids about the armadillo when I talk to them Sunday night.



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Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, and Black American Dad. michaelpwright.com/hi