Kids’ First: Rollerskating | Thu Mar 24, 2022

Today, I introduced the kids to rollerskating. Yup, they made it to ages 6 and 8 without having experience the most fun any human can have crashing and falling on hardwood.

Smash on Switch session. Yes, my daughter uses my original GameCube controller☺️☺️ *sniff* like her dad

We visiting Insanity Complex in Madison, AL. That’s a fun spot. When I told the kids we were heading out the a skating rink, they seemed extremely — uncomfortably — surprised that I was skating too. I still don’t see what’s so surprising about it as I expressed to young cashier who also seemed surprised. Of course, I’m skating too!

Maybe I give off non-skating vibes. Who knows? One thing I can gloat about is that I didn’t fall.

Oh, the kids. Well, the kids got to rock their Personal Protective Gear I got them to use for ice skating in Big Spring Park — an sort of adventure that didn’t happen for them. I’m still not to upset we didn’t get to go. As I told the kids, ice is way harder than hardwood.

They loved it and didn’t want to leave. Maddalyn REALLY didn’t want to leave. We got in a solid 1.5 hours on skates. I was planning for 2 hours, but the timing worked out well. Another thing is that I wanted the kids to not be sore and exhausted and not feel like they had a good time. We’re going back Saturday for skating lessons.



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Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, and Black American Dad.