Last night’s series of dream featured my Apple iPhone 12 for the first time ever

My iPhone showed up in my dream for the first time I can remember having a smartphone appear. Also, in last night’s dream: my daughter, black wild west, levitation, time travel, and a cemetery.

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In my dreams, my iPhone was with me! That’s awesome because, in the history of my memorable dreams and smartphones, I’ve nevered noticed my phone. As a bonus, my newest, coolest smartphone companion toy was also present — my black Bose Flex Soundlink Bluetooth, waterproof speaker.

Apple logo black and white
Apple® logo black-and-white

The dream took place in a western, cowboys and horseback setting, but the time was modern enough to recognize electronic devices and the NBA Finals. Imagine the movie The Harder They Fall but with electricity and cars.

My mission was vague, but I wasn’t running from a thing or group nor was I solo. My daughter made a cameo and a handful of friends I’ve made in CrossFit gyms.

My two friends and I cracked Time Travel near a cemetery. We went into the future, made a pact to look up ONE future thing, and somehow no one thought to visit the US Patent Office database. We agreed to find out which teams made it to the NBA Finals. We traveled back to our original time and a new dream scene must have taken over.

My daughter and I talked about incarceration and compared the meanings of being physically free and being mentally free. We were floating along a street that felt like Clyde Fant Parkway at night time (see Shreveport, Louisiana). I say we floated during the conversation because it felt like we were each riding electric unicycles, but there were no unicycles under us.!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d8193.519798957268!2d-93.71644763829369!3d32.49933430132924!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x863132c54582904d%3A0x8ee80adae8eea05a!2sClyde%20Fant%20Pkwy%2C%20Shreveport%2C%20LA!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sus!4v1662838988111!5m2!1sen!2sus

I would eventually sit down at a large wooden oval-shaped desk where someone I knew from tech school was also sitting. We were inside a place that seemed like a library or coffee shop lounge with low foot traffic. I’d pull out my Bose speaker, turn it on, and give it a Siri command after it tells me it’s connected to my iPhone. I say to the speaker in a modest tone, “Hey, Siri, repeat album Speakerboxxx and The Love Below.”

British Siri knows that I mean Speakerboxxx/The Love Below by OutKast and probably knows I’ll continue to add “and” there until I die. Siri doesn’t judge me for it, but she does correct me when she repeats the command. She knows the album artist is OutKast — most likely because I have the album and other OutKast masterpieces in my Library.

I’ve used Apple’s voice assistant enough to know that reciting the action verb repeat followed by a song/album/playlist makes music play and turns on repeat playback. By the way, if you don’t use Siri regularly, you should probably hit me up for 3–5 minutes to be amazed by the versatility of Siri’s voice commands and how much detail can be given to the commands.

Who knows why I wanted to listen to the classic 2-disc album — the album I have to pause for the moment to finish writing this because I don’t have the ability to dictate my written words and sing-a-long to the record. Like any song or group of songs in my head, they echo inside my thoughts until I present them to my ears. I like to listen to the first song on Speakerboxxx(Disc 1) then switch to disc 2, The Love Below. In fact, if the second song on Speakerboxxx starts playing before I’m ready to skip to disc 2, I’ll skip back to track number 1. After The Love Below finishes, I almost always go back to listen to Speakerboxxx again.

I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket and set it on the desk/table near the speaker. It felt completely normal and routine. Then, I woke up on the beanbag couch in the living room and thought “oh sh**! I had my phone?!”



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Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, and Black American Dad.