Last of the Salsa | Mon Nov 8, 2021

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When I got to the near-bottom of the bag of Mission tortillas chips, I noticed my homemade salsa was too almost gone.

The last of the chips were getting too small to comfortably dip in the salsa and scoop a reasonable amount of tomato chunks. I turned the bag upside down and dumped the chips into bowl of salsa. Then, I got a spoon and ate chips and salsa like cereal.

It felt right. It felt purely instinctual like I accessed DNA memories for that idea. It was perfect and I’ll get it.

Moments later, I thought this would be better with a spoon because then the excess salsa would runoff the utensil prolonging my supply of salsa. However, I was a little too late on that idea.



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Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, and Black American Dad.