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Near-instant Turo Booking after Adding Lunch Hour Back to My Availability Schedule | Wed Sep 22, 2021

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Last night before going to bed, I signed into the Turo app and added two more blocks of time to pickup/drop-off the CRV. Within 30 minutes, I got a new booking for 7 days.

I noticed my September bookings were dead. Zero scheduled. My last trip ended on 13 September, and I hadn’t had trip since. Sure, I expected to get less Turo bookings after I made my availability schedule so narrow — read Turo Slowed Down Since I Limited Pickup Hours.

My money was being affected. In fact, September was going to end with my not hitting the $500/month goal I set for myself that pays the car payments for both my vehicles. That’s not cool. I like money, and also, I like being able to double extra money to repay credit card debt.

I signed into the app, went to the settings for Pickup and return hours, then I added my class lunch break, 12pm-1pm CST, to the schedule. I added the 1-hour block to Monday and Thursday. That’s all. I was very generous. Well, that worked to get the rest of September booked.

Screenshot of my updated Pickup & Return Hours via Turo App
Screenshot of my updated Pickup & Return Hours via Turo App
Screenshot of my updated Pickup & Return Hours via Turo App

No BS, within 30 minutes of making those changes, a Driver booked the CRV for a 7-day trip that starts Thursday 23 September. BOOM!

If all goes as scheduled, I’ll hit my income target for September.

Also, here’s some Phil Collins. For no other reason than that I woke this morning with the song in my head: Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now).

I’ll be honest, Turo bookings coming back to me is against all odds.

Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)

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