No Dune on IMAX Tonight | Thu Oct 21, 2021

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I’m happy Dune is here. I’m not happy my local AMC is allowing movie-goers to choose seats elbow-to-elbow.

Via AMC mobile app

That’s very unsettling. I don’t like when we pretend the pandemic is over. It’s uncomfortable and stupid.

I’ll be watching Dune on HBOMax, and that’s fine. My TV is an OK size, and the Dolby 5.1 setup does well enough. I’ll be plenty entertained.

I just really, really wanted to see this movie in IMAX. I’ll wait until Sunday night for the IMAX show. That’s fine too. But *sigh* though.

I mean, if my movie theater is letting us but seats on top of each other again, I might have to suspend my AMC Stubs membership. That would hurt, but I can’t have gross people being able to sit right next to my reserved seat.

I love this damn membership! I can watch three movies per week for $23 a month. That’s a steal, AND it covers IMAX and 3D too without up-charges. It would break my heart to let that go.

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