No is a learned behavior

I have to say no more. I stretch myself too thin. I don’t want to disappoint anyone. I can help, so I must help.

The consequences of too many yes’s is that I do all of the things poorly I do anything to completion. I disregard my needs, and I skip calculated the effort/energy/time another yes will cost me.

I have to say no more. It’s my get out of another obligation free card. It’s what I need when I’m not feeling myself like a Snicker’s commercial except I lose sleep. I’m short-tempered and combative, I bail on friends and family events. I ignore phone calls and emails from clients. I withdraw like a biological male in a cold swimming pool.

Really, I have to stop. My sanity needs me to say no more to save me from me

I’ll start with saying no to one way transactions. That’s a good great place to start. It’s brilliant! Yes, do the opposite of accomodate. 🤔🤔



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