On Today, the Day of My 38th Birthday Tue Dec 11, 2018

I like to make a big deal online about my birthday. It’s equal parts entertaining myself and being ironic.

I’ve been retired from the military for 3 months, but it feels like I’m on leave indefinitely with a lumberjack’s beard. If I had to describe my mental, I’m lingering between what I should be doing and what I could be doing with my time.

It’s a little odd that I’m not excited about making extra money. However, I do have a lot of things I want to sell-off.

My latest obsession is with success — specifically my not having a metric to measure it by. More on that to come on mikewriting.com. It’s been a fun lesson in introspection.

I’m excited about this website’s daily blog and two other websites I’m building right now. These are what take up a good portion of my waking hours — average 7 hrs a day says RescueTime.

While I value the mileage, I still feel like I could be more efficient. Maybe when I get better at resisting perfectionism.



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Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, and Black American Dad. michaelpwright.com/hi