Super Pumped to Watch Super Pumped | Thu Mar 10, 2022

All things TV show and series-related

Showtime has a series about the beginning of Uber, and I am willing to buy a month or two of Showtime streaming subscription to watch it. Call Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber. Joseph Gordon Levitt stars.

My living room TV
My TV queuing up Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber

The first episode of season 1 is available on Prime Video Channels — the Showtime channel, specifically.

Believe it or not, the share buttons for IMDb articles/entries don’t have an embed code option. That’s weird to me — and surprising and unexpected. If I am IMDb, and I want people to hit my website, I would assume that bloggers and digital publications could easily drive traffic if I gave them an iFrame block of code to embed in their articles.

Naturally, I was going to embed the link directly to Super Pumped IMDb page. Looks like I’m going to drop a link the old fashion, boring way.

That is so weird. I should see if IMDb is hiring. Seriously tho, I am. In fact, while I am watching this first episode of season one, I’m going to pull up IMDb on my iPad and go to their job board — if it exists.



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Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, and Black American Dad.