The Bumble Bee: Nature’s guy who wants to fight everyone at the bar | Sat Apr 23, 2022

Bumble bee’s are pure entertainment! Seriously, I love them so much that I’ve stopped fearing them. I watched two today play their predictable, scrappy roles to perfection.

This is a stock image from Adobe. I didn’t get a shot out bumble bee heroes. I’ll try again.

The kids came inside from one door to go out another because “a bumble is right outside the door”. Sure enough, a ruthless fur coated flying machine was floating at my eye level directly outside the back door. Hairy Hodor was legitimately protecting that exit like a North Korean DMZ soldier.

The second bumble bee gave us a full feature film with its mission to safeguard the empty patio. I literally watched him take off after a bird and said out loud “Oh come on, buddy. You know how that ends.” He chased a red wasp — who seemed unconcerned as it snuck into a roof overhang opening. It was the wasp that led me to realize the bumble bee was just talk and posture. It could have easy rammed the slower, barely flinching wasp, but the bee withdrew to hover 10–12 ft above the unkept grass and concrete slab.

I stood out on the patio to watch it and see if it wanted to try me as well. It chased off giant, bouncing mosquitoes. It even chased off two other bumble bee’s who seemed to have let their own jousting match drift into our brave bumble bee’s territory.

I hope that one comes back. He was hilarious. And so full of sh*t 😄😁🐝 .



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Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, and Black American Dad.