This week’s Redstone Rocket newspaper published an ad for blue and silver Weimaraner puppies

There’s a classified ad in the Redstone Rocket for a Weimaraner puppies. I can’t go look at them. I’m too impulsive. The kids and I would love the hell out of the hyperactive dog, and name it something hilarious, no doubt. The timing isn’t the best, I think. Also, the Redstone Rocket is hiring. But, how does mentioning that part help my SEO?

I read a classifieds’ ad in the Redstone Rocket for Weimaraner puppies — the me from ages 0 to 29 of dog breeds. I’m they’re beautiful, hyper, and pudgy.

Classifieds ad from the Redstone Rocket

I would go see the pups, and leave with one. Most likely a silver one. Name it Sterling — pssh obviously — regardless of its gender. Never tell him I just found out his breed isn’t just a Labrador Retrievers with curl eyes and short hair.

Anyway, I’m too impulsive, and the only thing that could save me from buying a giant-eared retriever is visiting the puppy pusher with an empty wallet.

Who am I kidding? That’s no real defense aside for the minor inconvenience of initiating a credit card cash advance via mobile app. If I take the kids with me to view the puppies, my chance of impulse buying a furry friend increases by 303%.

Why did I block the phone number though?

In my photo, I’m not sure why I blocked out the phone number of the classified ad. I mean, these entrepreneurs clearly want their phones numbers publicly visible. Maybe subconsciously I don’t want anyone else to buy up the Weimaraner puppies before I have a chance to decide to pay the adoption fee. And by decide, I mean see where I can move money around to get cash for the small animal.

If I blocked out the ad phone number to save the pups for me, why did I do the same for the cows’ ad above it? I’m sure I’m not interested in getting cows or hogs. I don’t even have a fence here.

Puppy one day but not today

I’ve been thinking a lot about adopting a dog. I spent an hour or more reading about the Weimaraner dog breed. On paper, they seem to have identical characteristics to the Belgian Malinois / Dutch Shepherd. Pretty much all the qualities I like in a dog — loyal to familiars, big into recreational running, and not super bark-y.

For me, that means I’ll have to be a lot more comfortable with outside than I have been. I very comfortable with my unproductive alone time at the moment, and the grey or blue puppy would need a version of me who’s more present.

In short, now isn’t the best time — not the most feasible time.



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Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, and Black American Dad.