Why can’t we laugh, LinkedIn? | Tue Apr 26, 2022

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LinkedIn Bro, I want to laugh at posts that are funny. Laughing releases a feel-good hormone, and job hunting can be stressful. Also, when I’m on the clock, I appreciate those nerdy posts and comments.

Honestly, what’s wrong with laughter? Did laughter hurt you, LinkedIn? Do you have resolved issues from childhood trauma caused by laughing? Seriously, what’s the deal with not having a laugh — or even a smiling reaction??

Best Reaction to Use as *Laugh* on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has 6 reactions to use for posts. None of them are for laughing (as of 26 April 2022).

LinkedIn reaction buttons

Which reaction should be used to *Laugh* at a LinkedIn post?

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A petition was started on change.org. I love the Internet! Sign the petition here: Business with a Smile: Petition for Linkedin to include a ‘Smile/Laughter’ Reaction Emoji



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Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright

Michael P Wright is a Content Creator, Retired USAF Cyber Guy, and Black American Dad. michaelpwright.com